The RSL is Australia’s largest, most influential and effective ex-service organisation. The League provides its members with a range of benefits and services, as well as promoting the ties of mate-ship and caring for veterans and their dependants.

Membership Benefits

  • A great way to contribute to the role of the RSL in support of Veterans, Service Personnel and your local Community
  • Generous discounts on meals and drinks
  • Exclusive “Members Only” promotions
  • RSL Rewards points and promotions
  • Invitation to enter children, grandchildren & great grandchildren into Rosebud RSL Christmas Party
  • The opportunity to participate in a number of RSL sporting and social activities
  • No need to sign in
  • Use of Courtesy Bus
  • Discounted monthly bus tours
  • Full access to members facilities and prices at over 70 RSL venues throughout Victoria
  • Service Members have Full voting rights and the ability to stand  and serve on the committee
  • Affiliate Members have voting rights on matters pertaining to the club only and can serve on the committee
  • Quarterly Mufti for service and affiliate members

Please note –If you are visiting the club and you live within a 5 km radius, you are required by law to become a member.

Membership Options

Service  – available to past/present serving members of the Australian Defence Force and Allied Armed Forces

Affiliate  – available to relatives of a past/present service member  or members of emergency services (i.e. Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance & SES)

Social – available to those not eligible to be Service or Affiliate

Community – no reciprocal rights and limited benefits apply

* Service and Affiliate Membership are required to provide documentary evidence of Service history.

Membership Cost

Apply Now:

Fee for new members  and renewing members for  Rosebud RSL is $35.00.

We now also offer a three year membership to Service, Affiliate and Social Members for $90.00.

Fee for community members  $5.00

(fees may change)

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